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  • How much does it cost to create a website?
    The simple answer is that it depends on what type of website is to be created, what functions it should have, specific design requests, etc. Our simplest websites with 4-5 subpages cost from SEK 10,000. Fill in our contact form and describe your need and we will get back with a quote
  • Can you help me produce text for the website?
    Yes, we can write texts and create visual content for your website or social media. In order for us to be able to do this, we book a meeting to determine your target group, your message and the objective of your effort on social media
  • Can you connect my website with social media?
    Yes, we can help connect your website with social media such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook & Instagram we have the option to mirror directly on your website, this means that your posts are visible directly on your website 😍
  • Can you help me create a webshop?
    Yes, for those customers who wish to sell products or services via their website, we help with this. We offer everything from creating & designing a webshop, integrating payment functions, tests for purchases & payments, automation of purchase confirmation, etc.
  • Do you offer mobile-friendly websites?
    Yes of course! 80% of all traffic comes from mobile devices, so our goal is for your website to look as nice, as user-friendly on the computer as on the mobile
  • Can you help me with web hosting and domain name?
    Yes, we offer both web hosting and domain name registration. Many of our customers let us handle these with us so that they don't have to. Of course, you still own your domain name, we just help you manage & maintain it
  • What security measures do you take for my website?
    We take several security measures to protect your website, such as the use of SSL certificates, protection against hackers and malware, and regular data backups
  • Can you help me integrate/connect payment methods?
    Yes, we can help you integrate/connect different payment methods on your website to handle online payments
  • How does maintenance and support work for my website?
    With our support service, you can feel secure that your brand is always online and that any technical problems are quickly resolved. We keep track of everything from website performance to keeping content up to date. Whether it's updating texts, updating images, updating contact details, backing up your website or solving technical problems, we've always got your back
  • How much does a logo cost and what is included?
    A logo costs from SEK 5,000, then includes below: - High resolution logo - Color codes for your logo - Login with transparent background - Log for print - Sign in for digital use - Login for social media - 100% ownership
  • How does the payment work?
    We give you two opportunities to provide feedback on corrections and then we send the invoice based on an approved quote. The payment terms are 20 days
  • Can you help me create social media posts?
    Yes, we can help you create posts that engage your visitors on social media by taking into account your target audience, your goals and your brand. This can include everything from selling texts, attractive images to video content.
  • How long does it take before I receive a response to my quote request?
    You usually get a response from us within 48 hours. If you have an urgent question, you can write to us in the chat.
  • What are your opening hours?
    For our customers, we always answer in the chat. For those of you who are not a customer yet, the best way to reach us is weekdays 10-18 via our chat function
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